The other day, we stopped at a Christian bookshop in Strasbourg. Yukki bought the book ‘All of Grace’ by Charles Spurgeon. Reading it together, is like being in 19th century Britain, listening to the famous revivalist. His great passion for the lost is felt throughout the whole book. Spurgeon’s radical and uncompromising preaching led to a great number of changed lives.

These days, we want the revivals that Spurgeon or Finney experienced, but we do not want to preach the very message that brought about those revivals.

In many Christian circles, we have gone from: ‘You are lost. Turn away from your sins and turn to Jesus!’ to: ‘Release the divine potential in you!’  This shift in our preaching is one of the reasons why genuine, lifelong conversions are rare.

Timothée & Yukki Paton

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