“I have never met a Christian who after being faithful in his tithing to God had to suffer in his finances.”

Worship and doctrine

“Not too long ago, most of our worship songs were so full of Christian doctrine that as people sang them, they not only grew in their faith but also in their knowledge of fundamental biblical truths.”

Worship #2

“Spotlights, smoke and sound effects will never replace the genuine Presence of Jesus.” 


“Overseas mission has been the blank spot of the African-American Church. The day the Black Church in the United States respond en masse to the Call of reaching the unreached with the Gospel, we will be very close to fulfilling the Great Commission.”

Worship #1

“Sometimes the best thing that can happen during a worship service is a power cut. It then gives you an idea of the level of true worship there actually was in the room.”

Ministry #1

“When I was 12 years old I was in love with Jesus. Unfortunately when I was 18 years old I was in love with the ministry. Every day we need to choose to love Him more than anyone and anything else.”


“Every ministry or Christian NGO that does not lead new believers to a local church cuts itself off from God’s eternal plan.”


“The biggest danger in a worship service is to worship worship”

Church priorities

“I believe that the top two priorities of the Church today are: Translating the Bible into every language on earth and standing up for those across the world being persecuted for their faith.”


«In France, secularism which is another form of atheism is today the official religion of the country