It’s right Biblical theology that should influence Christian song writers. Not the other way round.”


From London to Singapore to Sydney, almost every single church service across the world follows the same pattern: singing in the first half and a sermon in the second half. Very few church leaders dare to break the mould and offer a whole new alternative.”


“Those who keep on saying countries should have no borders would never imagine living or letting their children live in a house without walls.”


Some churches have not mentioned the second coming of Christ for so long that some members of their congregations wouldn’t understand what is happening if the trumpet was heard and Jesus appeared.”


You would be shocked to know how many churches have stored in a back room somewhere boxes and boxes of Gospels or evangelistic tracts left there for years and now covered with dust. It’s like keeping in store precious medicine without anyone concerned to hand them out to sick people outside about to die.”


One song after another led by a band is becoming the norm in almost every church service. Individual praise has unfortunately disappeared. Little or no space is given for members to express their worship to God in their own words.”


“The second coming of Jesus has almost been erased from modern day worship songs.”


In the Christian world of music there are talented artists who are not necessarily anointed. Then you have anointed artists who are not necessarily talented. And finally there are those few who are talented and anointed.”


Pastors in church services will soon be calling people forward for prayer who cannot break away from their smartphone and the digital world in the same way people come for prayer to be delivered from drinking, drugs or gambling.”


“As long as you worship God from your heart, no music style is second class to Him. Celtic or Monastery worship is as precious as Hillsong. Latino and Negro Spiritual can be as anointed as the latest contemporary music band. It’s not about a music genre. It’s about God and your heart.”


“My father applied Proverbs 23: 13 a few times to me when I was a boy. I’m thankful he did.”


“There was a time when at Prayer Meetings you sang an opening song then prayed for an hour. Now in many places you sing for an hour and close the meeting with a prayer.”


“I have read and prayed through 3 newsletters from 3 different missionaries: one serving in Mongolia, one in Cambodia and one in Switzerland. Those Christian workers have one thing in common: they are single ladies. For some reason, very few single men are responding to the Call of mission.”


“Smartphone addiction could do more harm to daily prayer and Bible reading than any other influence we’ve known before.”


“Your greatest weapon: prayer. Your greatest enemy: distraction.”


“Throwing Santa Claus, Father Christmas, reindeers and elves into Christmas has made it the most syncretistic and confusing day in the religious calendar.”


“Every kind of sin is addressed from the pulpit. I wonder why gluttony and over eating is left out.”


“There are two kinds of Christian artists: those who are naturally gifted and those who are gifted and anointed. The first ones entertain. The others produce changed hearts.”


“The role of the Evangelist is not just about preaching to crowds but to train and equip those called to the ministry.”


“Jesus never ran. Never in a hurry. He walked.”


“I have never met a Christian who after being faithful in his tithing to God had to suffer in his finances.”


“While the English speaking world does not know what to do with so many Bible versions, from the King James Women of Colour Study Bible to the Financial Breakthrough Spiritual Warfare Bible, millions upon millions of souls around the world do not even have John 3: 16 in their own language.”



“Not too long ago, most of our worship songs were so full of Christian doctrine that as people sang them, they not only grew in their faith but also in their knowledge of fundamental biblical truths.”


“Spotlights, smoke and sound effects will never replace the genuine Presence of Jesus.” 


“Interesting that the way we pray and what we pray about when in public is often very different to how we pray when no one is around.”


“Every ministry or Christian NGO that does not lead new believers to a local church cuts itself off from God’s eternal plan.”


“Interesting how the word sin has been replaced by failure and mistake.”


“Being single does not make you less of a person. When God created you, you were already complete and you will always be. Whether you are single or married, your life in Christ is complete and whole.”


“Overseas mission has been the blank spot of the African-American Church. The day the Black Church in the United States respond en masse to the Call of reaching the unreached with the Gospel, we will be very close to fulfilling the Great Commission.”


“Sometimes the best thing that can happen during a worship service is a power cut. It then gives you an idea of the level of true worship there actually was in the room.”


“The biggest danger in a worship service is to worship worship”


“I believe that the top two priorities of the Church today are: Translating the Bible into every language on earth and standing up for those across the world being persecuted for their faith.”


“Tomorrow morning when you wake up, you can either reach out for Facebook or you can put your face in The Book.”


“When I was 12 years old I was in love with Jesus. Unfortunately when I was 18 years old I was in love with the ministry. Every day we need to choose to love Him more than anyone and anything else.”


“In 2050 we will look back at the way worship was done in our churches and smile at how foolish some of us were to think that our songs and music style were the best there ever was.”


“When a local church replaces intercession with entertainment it has taken the road of decline.”