for those who do not have a voice: the persecuted Church, street children, modern day slaves…


God’s people to take their nets, gifts and talents, leave the comfort of the shore, step into the boat and head out with Jesus to the deep end of mission & live in such a way that the one and only life we’ve been given will not be wasted.


a fire in each disciple to go and make a difference in the world.

‘If you knew what you were saved from you would die of fear. If you knew what you were saved for, you would die of joy’.
Martin Luther

What are the strings to my bow?

My bow: stirring people

So they:

My strings:

  • turn their lives to Christ
  • move out into mission
  • preach the Gospel to a captivated audience
  • press on despite their struggles
  • let their God-given talent shine

Timothée Paton, over the years, has been traveling on all six continents, holding meetings in churches, Bible schools, universities…challenging God’s people to move out into mission. Many attending those meetings have responded publicly to the call to ‘reach out to the least, the lost, and the last’. Timothée is usually overseas once a month.

Manchester, Belfast, Birmingham, Braga, Southampton, London, Cardiff, Montpellier, Glasgow, Bristol, Bangkok, Strasbourg, Lille, Kuala Lumpur, Phnom Penh, Siam Reap, Valenciennes, Newport, Swansea, Leeds, Singapore, Canberra, Sydney, Auckland, Plymouth, Rouen, Montreal, Philadelphia, Dunkerque, Reims, Charleroi, Durban, Cape Town, Lyon, Toronto, Hamilton, Belo Horizonte, Sao Paulo, Montreux, Grenoble, Newcastle, Lausanne, Paris, Moscow, Volgograd, San Francisco, Réunion Isle, Bogota, Bangalore, Sihanoukville, Bangalore, Genève…