LEAVE THE SHORE ! will take you less than one hour to read but could spare you from wasting the only life you have.

Each chapter will stir you to move out with your gifts and talents into the deep end of world mission.

You won’t think of ever going back to the shore!

This challenging little book has now been translated into French, Khmer, Finnish, Portuguese, Chinese, Braille, Spanish and Arabic.

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THEY HAVE LEFT THE SHORE… December 1st, 2023

‘ I must share another vision which was shared this morning at the Culte; One of the elders had had a vision of somebody who was on the shore and needed to follow Jesus, and finally plucked up courage to step into the water with Him. Then the elder said he saw the book he had been given into his hand ‘Quittez la Plage’ and he felt somebody needed to get right with the Lord. After the Culte, a girl came out for prayer, as she wanted to get right with the Lord and follow Him. Pascal —another elder, –and Papa prayed for her and she came to the Lord in a wonderful way.’ M. and M., France –

‘Pastor Tim, I brought your book, It’s time you left The Shore and now I’m in Yangon after so many many years of stay in Cambodia. Fulfilling God’s “Assignment”. God is good!!! Continue to inspire people through your story.’ Glên-dą, Myanmar –

‘The activity with your book went great! I include the book into a practical activity, we first printed the whole file of unreached people from project Joshua, we converted the file into a paper strip of 46 meters long, people had to get out of the church in order to extend the roll and see what was in there, after that, we read your book, and many were moved or focused into missions ministry, for everything that day made so much sense, some of them reported that even your life and your brother inspire them. They matched the percent of Christianity in those unreached people with the challenge you made in every chapter of the book. I got the testimonies, but I haven’t got time to send them to you. I choose few of them. 24 students present a summary on your book. We will finish this basic mission training with a trip to the Waraos tribe to the Venezuelan Amazon.’ Sofia, Venezuela –

‘Hello mighty warrior 🙂 I wanted to thank you, I read one of ur books, not sure of the name in English but I think its “leave the shore” iv had a heart for preaching the gospel for only two weeks but I got whole yesterday from a 3 days conference it was about God’s heart for the nations and how we should go and preach and even though I had this book for a long time but just read it yesterday bcz my mom found it and read, I was so amazed!. I might go to Tunisia on a missionary trip for 10 days (I am from Jordan) but rly those 3 days God poured his heart in mine and while I was crying his tears for those nations I rly wanted to go there and spread the good news not just for 10 days but to live there but I rly don’t know how, like how will I go there and where would I stay and things like that, do you please have an advice for me? Thank you so much.’ Sandra, Jordan –

‘On arrival in PP my friend Chris gave me a copy. Wonderful book!’ Jacki, Cambodia –

‘I have just come back for India. I read your book. I was blessed! I gave your amazing book to my church pastor in Nagaland. Your writings are reaching across the nation.’ Mayo, India/Cambodia –

 ‘We bought several copies when it first came out, and agree with you – it is a bomb to get people off their backsides! May it sweep many lives into service…’ Anni and Korky, UK –