‘ Firmly Amen’. Saul Paul

‘Hello Timothée! I’m very interested to learn or to get training on your “GospelTALK” myself. I love the fact that you are using illustration with bowl of rice and 10 ingredients representing a basic Gospel, very culturally relevant and creative :). It must have been a very enriching training. I’m always open to learn new ideas for the advancement of God’s kingdom work. May the Holy Spirit empower and illuminate each learner by His Word.’ Robeang

‘Hi Tim, as I heard your share of what you have plan for GT is great. I can see that you have God’s gift of doing this mission. Personally I like your program and your planning activities very much (as you have mentioned keep it simple for long stable implementation).’
‘It’s encouraging to hear how the first GospelTALK training went. You are well suited for this work. Every blessing’ Caroline

‘GospelTALK sounds like a very relevant training ministry for equipping Christian workers to better communicate the Gospel. God bless you and this ministry, Timothée. Shalom!’ Sylvia

‘Hello Pastor Tim, so happy to hear about Gospel Talk. Will pray for this. I can feel your excitement! God bless!’ Tess

‘I like this idea. God bless you and the progress of this project.’ Susan

‘This is a brilliant idea. I will pray this ministry is greatly blessed. God Bless.’ Carol

‘Hi Tim, sounds you are on the right track! I’m praying you will win the government’s favour too. Blessings from Taiwan.’ Martin

‘Hi thanks for your introduction of your new baby, Gospel Talk! It sounds so good and just what we need! Thanks.’ Adrienne

‘Dear Pastor Tim, The GospelTALK is also very awesome idea and I will continue to pray for the huge success.’ Prince

‘I enjoyed the creative ideas to communicate the best news in the world! Thanks for that!’ Rafi

‘Yes Pastor, thank you so much for the last weekend teaching and exposition. It was awesome and unique in all sense. I am looking forward to the next one in next coming days. God continue to bless and protect you. Amen’ Prince

‘Greetings Pastor Tim! I thank my God for the time He gave us to attend the training with you. It was a BLESSING and we’re grateful for that. We were encouraged, taught and most importantly we were captivated. Thus, what the GospelTALK is all about. Your love for Him and your love for the lost is really encouraging! It is my prayer that as we continue to attend and for all the other brethren who will still come, may our good, good Father continue to use you mightily for His glory and use GospelTALK to bless and equip us for His cause. God bless this ministry, bless the training place and bless you abundantly!’ Jeanne

‘Please keep me posted on the next one and I will surely try to clear my schedules to be able to be there and participate fully. Those teachings are really wonderful.’ Prince

‘Thanks Pastor! I was going through what we learn last Sunday and find out that I have never heard such lesson or teaching about speaking to a group of people or congregation about Jesus before. It is so creative and amazing, looking forward to join the coming ones. God bless you and all of us undergoing this GospelTALK seminar as well.’ Prince

‘I am so encouraged by your newsletter and wish I could come to one of your courses!! Perhaps you should/could run one of your gospel sharing /training events here in England! (I would help you organise it!). Let me know when you’re next coming to England, it would be lovely to see you again. Love in Him who’s Spirit gets us out of the boat.’ Sue

‘I’m sorry Tim for missing your excellent class because I was sent to work in the province recently. I do appreciate your lecturing and I had been blessed through yours. God bless you in the ministry you are called to.’

‘It is a great privilege to join Gospel TALK with you but the time fly fast. Thank you so much for equipping us. I’ll keep GospelTALK in my prayers.’ Sypho

‘Tim, Thank you so much for investing your time and energy to provide training. I had such sweet and blessed time of learning at GospelTALK. I will make myself available to assist and continue to learn. What I learnt from the sessions I attended has really being of great help for me on my public speaking.’ Prince

‘I thank the LORD for the time spent in attending GospelTALK, this free training is indeed awesome and captivating! God has used this training for me to be empowered by God’s grace, to be more confident, to be practical and be more passionate to captivate people in hearing the Gospel. It is through GospelTALK that my eyes were opened on the several practical keys on HOW TO share the most beautiful gift- the LOVE of JESUS. And after attending, GospelTALK by God’s grace has helped me to be bolder to speak publicly during our KAIROS course training. It is worth it to be captivated!’ Jeanne

‘I applied what I have learned from GospelTALK and it’s very effective in capturing audience. Blessings.’ Naleng

‘ God will reward all you do for his kingdom, all my kids and I enjoyed the GospelTALK training on Saturday, and each one of your stories will help us to grow up in the Lord. I’ve much appreciated your teaching. I have been leaning many lessons of the Gospel.’ Sopheap

‘Hello Tim, thank you very much for your teaching on the Gospel Talk yesterday. It’s very useful and helpful for us all. We are so blessed and learning all those techniques for the Gospel sharing from you. Daden

‘This Gospel Talk training was the first time for my kids. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I could bring them or not because they still little but when you told me that everyone was welcome to come I get encouraged to not lose the opportunity to let them learn something new. I also want to mention that at the end prayer that Saturday I was praying for the Holy Spirit anointed us and let us be his witness all over and for my surprise I heard the Cambodian lady that was sited at my left say: TU TIENES ESE PODER EN TUS MANOS. That means you have that power in your hands. But she was saying it in Spanish. So I open my eyes and look at her she didn’t know that she was praying in Spanish didn’t told her anything but I just know that God had that encouragement word for me. So once again thank you very much for let us be there and learn from your experiences.’ Lydia

‘Your GospelTALK training will be a huge blessing to the Cambodian people if and when you have to leave. All those you’ve taught will go on to train hundreds more … and more … and more … so be encouraged brother in how the Lord has been/continues to use you.’ Ishbel