This week we are celebrating Saint Valentin on the airwaves of Phare FM.
Special guests will be in the studio to share their journey, their advice and their love story.
I’ve accepted to share on the theme ‘And What About Celibacy?’ this Friday 12th from 9 to 10am (French time) I will talk about how God gave me throughout my life fulfilment being single. Listeners can then call in live to ask questions.
Though my solo life is over soon, I can look back at that long journey and say: ” I thank you Lord for these 48 years you’ve given me to serve you as a single and I thank you too for the new road you are now leading me to.”
When I look at the letter Y, I see two paths: one path coming from the left and another coming from the right, to form the letter V. At one point, those two paths meet and become one path. Meeting your life partner is when V becomes Y.
And Y is the first letter of Yukki!


Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- February 10 th, 2021
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