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“When I started changing some of my eating habits such as having fruits at the start of the meal instead of the end, eating little meat and almost no sugar, I started feeling much better.”
“Recently I have rediscovered that it is more restful to finish the day with a book than watching a screen.”
“I see the Church like two siblings: a brother in the free world and a sister in the persecuted world. The brother often forgets to take care of his sister.”
“When I die, I want these words engraved on my tombstone: ‘He spent his life emptying the shore and filling up the boats’.
” When I was a child, I was out every evening playing outside with my friends. ‘ And the streets of the city shall be full of boys and girls playing in its streets’ (Zechariah 8: 5). In France today, it seems children have disappeared inside their homes.”
“In Cambodia you don’t drive on the right or on the left, you drive where there’s space!”
“On the mission field I hear more and more missionaries saying that locals should be on the front line while missionaries should take a back seat and take care of fundraising. I wonder what Mother Teresa or Hudson Taylor would have said to such reasoning?”
“If every Christian could share their faith with one person each day, the world would soon be evangelised. That is probably all it takes to complete the great commission.”
“Our standard is not Western Evangelical Christianity but the Kingdom of God.”
” One of the best things a family can do after church is to look out in the congregation for a person that is alone and invite them over for lunch.”
” I remember witnessing a large Buddhist celebration on the streets of Chiang Mai, Thailand, then going later that day to an International church service. I wondered why the Buddhist celebration was so lively and festive and the church service so dull.”
” When I was a boy, my parents were not too strong on checking my homework from school, but they encouraged me much in starting the day with God’s Word and prayer.”
” Usually when I read a book, I get to underline everything that speaks specifically to me. When I’ve finished reading the book, I then cut out all those precious passages and stick them in a notebook. I now have several of those notebooks full of gems and wisdom.”
” I wish the media could report the destruction of countless churches in China, Nigeria or elsewhere with as much fervour as they did for the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris.”
‘ A good way to know if you are addicted to Facebook or not, is to close it for 3 months. It could also give you an idea if those friends you had are really interested in what has happened to you. I’ve tried it.”
“Abortion is the silent genocide most of the Church is still silent about.”
“There was a time when you could find dozens of Christian bands. From ‘Petra’ to ‘2nd Chapter of Acts’ to the ‘Oslo Gospel Choir’ with their own style of music and songs. For the last 20 years, worship groups with no name, little personality and with only one genre of music have slowly taken over.”
“Many missionaries go back to their home country for a year of Bible school training. For some reason, many never go back to the mission field. The Bible school that was supposed to help them be better equipped for the field has actually kept them back from their calling.”
” The problem is not so much the poor quality of our modern worship songs but that those who lead the worship are not even aware of it.”

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- Jun 09th, 2020
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