I found these encouraging words some time ago. Somehow, I cannot find out who wrote them. Enjoy!

“There is a strong relationship between our movement towards our dreams and the resources we need becoming available to us.

Too often we want to see the resources or have them in hand before we start moving forward. When we do that, we have neither the resources nor the movement.

We need to be like the snail that started climbing up the apple tree one cold day of February. As he inched his way upward, a worm stuck his head out of a crevice in the tree and said, “You’re wasting your energy. There isn’t a single apple up there.” The snail kept up climbing, and replied, “No, but there will be by the time I get up there!”

Over and over in Scripture God sent people out with what seemed like little, or inadequate resources. But when they got to where God wanted them to be, the resources needed to get the job done were in place waiting for them. Vision doesn’t follow resources; it happens the other way round.

First, we have a dream, and then we have to move forward. Then- and only then- do people and resources follow. Then the plan God has given us begins to fall into place.”


Timothée and Yukki Paton

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