It was at Yukki’s parents’ house, close to Paris, that we gathered over Christmas.

Timothée’s parents joined us from Northern France, for 3 days. 

On Sunday 25th we celebrated the birth of Jesus in the new French Chinese church in the small town of Bussy St George.

How did this new church plant, which opened only a month ago, get so many people? 

Was it the distribution of nice-looking invitation cards the day before, to passers-by in the streets? 

Was it the fact that Robert and Ada (Yukki’s aunt and uncle) are known by the restaurant and bakery they run nearby?

Was it the sign: ‘Maison Agape’ that reassured them, rather than ‘evangelical church’ (which sometimes scares non-Christians in France)?

Was it because the church is right in the middle of the neighbourhood, along a busy street? 

Whatever the reason, God’s favour was certainly there on Sunday afternoon.

Before Timothée spoke, his mum on the piano and dad on the microphone joined him in singing an old Gospel song. 

Do please pray for the many folks (more than half the audience) who heard the Good News for the first time. 

Timothée and Yukki Paton

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