It was my friend, Pastor Eddy Wallez, who first mentioned to me this type of Sunday worship that he practices in his church in Northern France: ‘double-target service’. These are meetings where the preaching is directed to both believers and unbelievers.

This is what I do more and more as I minister God’s Word in churches across France. I am aware that in our services there are often unconverted folks. So I preach the need to turn to Christ and invite at the end of the message those who don’t know Jesus to come forward.

This is what we experienced last Sunday morning at the church we attend in Mulhouse.

When I gave the ‘altar call’, 3 people came forward for prayer. One man stood up to receive Christ as his personal Saviour.

Do read an article I posted recently: https://timotheepaton.com/en/affermis-ce-qui-est-pres-de-mourir/


Timothée and Yukki Pato

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