I can’t remember driving on such a long distance in such a short time.

It’s from Tourcoing in Northern France that I hit the road last Wednesday for the town of Grenoble in the Alps where the next day I signed my book at the CLC bookshop and gave an interview for a Christian program that broadcasts on the internet.

Friday morning my Peugeot car took me over the border into Switzerland where I met up with friends for lunch in Vevey and then onto Sion in the evening for a meeting and a meal where Cambodians who don’t know the Lord yet were invited.

The next day I made it to Geneva. In the morning I preached to a very cosmopolitan congregation: 45 nationalities make up the ‘Eglise Evangélique du Réveil Church. (The United Nations HQ is found in Geneva, but the United Nations can also be found at this large church!)

I can’t remember having sold so many copies of my book ‘C’est Toujours Possible!’. I spoke again at the church in the evening before heading for another several hours’ drive to the French WEC base near Mulhouse.
Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- January 26th, 2020
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