ResKP (‘Rescued’ in English) is without a doubt one of France’s most effective evangelistic ministries!

We are happy we accepted Jean-Micael and Hélène Saltzmann’s invitation to join the group on their trip to the South-West of France.

14 ResKP members – 4 full days – great team spirit – 5 performances in churches in St-Gaudens, Pau, St Pierre du Mont, Marmande and at a restaurant in Agen. Setting up sound, light and sets, dismantling, reassembling… The nights were short, but it was well worth it.

90 minutes of artistically presented testimonies, followed by the “Parable of the Lifebuoy” outlining God’s Plan of Salvation.

At the moment of the Call, dozens of unbelievers chose to seize the buoy. Among these new souls rescued, 18-year-old Mikaël, invited to the show by a Christian he met on the streets. This young man, who had tried to kill himself a few days earlier, walked through the church door for the first time. He left with a Bible in his hand and God’s peace in his heart.

Please pray for those who have trusted in Christ during this tour, and for the churches that will follow-up these new converts.

Timothée & Yukki

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