Since the beginning of July, I am based in Mulhouse (East side of France) in the apartment of a WEC couple who’ve had to go back to Australia.
Coming back to Mulhouse allows me to be closer to the WEC France Office, the mission I am in partnership with.
I also get to be less than 150 metres from Phare FM, the French speaking Christian radio station with whom I am involved. Most weekdays I walk over to Phare FM and share at midday the meal with the staff. (nice times of fellowship).
Last Sunday, I joined La Porte Ouverte in Mulhouse (one of the largest Evangelical churches in France) where I reconnected with the pastors. One of them, Thibault, is getting married this Saturday.
PS: This Sunday morning at 4. 30am I will be bringing God’s Word, via zoom, to Glory Joy Church in Singapore. (I’ve never preached so early in my life!).

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- July 21st, 2020
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