One of my projects for 2022 is to write the biography of my Mum and Dad.

French pastor Fabio Morin from the Assemblies of God contacted me months ago to share his vision of publishing a series of biographies of pastors who have made an impact in the history of the Pentecostal movement in France.

The life stories of servants of God such as Serge Gaillard, Lucien Vivier, Marcel and Josette Lefillatre, Alfred Gichtenaere, Moïse Lormier… are already available in French at the “Viens et Vois” publishers.

Pastor Morin said: ” The series would not be complete if it did not include the biography of missionaries who came to serve in France among the AoG churches. Would you be interested in putting down on paper the story of your parents?”

I have already gathered dozens of my Mum and Dad’s old newsletters. It will all be very helpful to compile stories and testimonies of their ministry. A ministry that is still going on today…

Do please pray for that project. May the life of my father and mother inspire many readers to step out into a life of faith for Jesus.

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