It was a great pleasure for both of us to join last Saturday the evangelistic concert given by Matt K. at the Porte Ouverte church in Mulhouse.

Timothée with a very short gospel message and Yukki for a video clip which will soon be fully released.

1500 people attended the show which was also online:

On Sunday morning with our friends Frederic and Leny from WEC, we went to the Baptist church in St Louis, on the Swiss border.

The place was full and new people came for this ‘Special Evangelistic Service’.

At the invitation to turn to Christ, 5 people responded.

One lady said to us at the end of the meeting: “I have 6 children. One of them, 24 years old, still does not belong to the Lord. Today he was supposed to be in Prague with friends. An ear infection prevented him from flying. This morning I told him that he could come to the service. He was not interested. But I prayed. Sitting in the church, I left an empty chair next to me, believing my son would come. He did! He stayed for the whole meeting. Praise the Lord!”

Please pray that the Gospel proclaimed on Friday and Sunday will continue to speak to many hearts.

Timothée & Yukki Paton

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