I will remember this past weekend for a long time!

It took me longer than planned to get to Mantes -la- Jolie near Paris as my train was cancelled due to people walking on the tracks!

Pastor Laurent picked me up from the train station and took me to the Assembly of God where the ‘ Mission Kids’ were waiting. Similar to my last visit (in 2015) I shared a Gospel message (Thanks Yukki for suggesting I talk about Zacchaeus) and some stories from Cambodia. Several children gave their hearts to Jesus.

The following day, Yukki joined me.

I shared God’s Word at the morning service, giving (as I do now at every Sunday morning meeting) an invitation to turn to Christ. I was surprised by such a good response.

After a nice meal, we got back into the church building for a baptism service. 4 women gave very clear testimonies.

There were several unbelievers in the audience including a Cambodian Buddhist woman and her son.

The Holy Spirit was a work, and several turned to Jesus.

Throughout the weekend, probably 30 people from all ages decided to follow Christ. Yes, God is still at work in France!

Timothée Paton –

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