It’s in the Swiss town of Bienne that we joined, last Friday the annual event Mission Praise and Prayer Night organised by ten different mission agencies. A few minutes before the start of the meeting, hardly anyone… then suddenly the church filled up and every seat taken.

After good music, testimonies of young people involved in mission, a good time of intercession, I gave a short message of encouragement (translated into Swiss German) to go out into mission.

We were touched to see so many young people praying for mission. It’s often the first step into long-term service overseas.

It was past midnight when we arrived at the house of André and Ursula Wenk, leaders for WEC French speaking Switzerland.

Saturday, we drove to the small town of Pampigny, near Lausanne for the Youth meeting at the “Assemblée Chrétienne”. A great night where several young people gave their lives to Christ.

The next day, we joined the whole congregation for the service. Though there were no worship team, no worship leader and no instrument, young and old suggested songs that the whole church sang with such harmony. (yes, an a cappella service is possible!) After a short break, I stood up to share God’s Word.

Do pray for lasting fruits from those meetings.

Timothée and Yukki




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