Who would have imagined an amphitheatre lost in the middle of a field?

It is on Mars (the name of the small town in Central France) that the first mission conference “Se mettre en mode Mission” was held.

It was a joy to serve alongside Bertrand Audéoud, Jean and Liliane Lacombe and others to encourage the greatest number to commit themselves to mission.

26 missionary booths were represented. Yukki had some great conversations with those who came through the door of the WEC tent…

Towards the end of the conference, an elderly man asked to speak. Mr. Jean, 82, was challenged by the Sunday evening message where I invited young and old to ‘take up their picks and shovels and go open wells for Jesus’. From the podium he announced: “The Lord has challenged me to take up my pickaxe and continue to proclaim the Gospel”.

In the Monday morning message, I spoke of the jars of water that we are. Jesus wants to use us to change water into wine. I gave the example of a jar named Corinne, born in 1954, who was on a shelf, covered with dust. At the end of the meeting, a very moved woman came to see me: “I was deeply touched by the preaching,” she said. “My name is Corinne; I was born in 1954.”

Thank you for praying for Mr Jean, Corinne and dozens of others who got up on Monday morning to announce loud and clear: “Lord, I will go wherever you want, whenever you want”.

Timothée and Yukki Paton


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