The “Domaom” evenings organised at the evangelical church in Weislingen allow men to meet around a good meal and a theme.

There were about fifty of us last Friday, including about ten unconverted men. I shared my testimony of my struggle with OCD.

This “Dinner & Conference” with a speaker is an excellent format!

On Sunday morning, we joined the Christians of the “Perspective” church in the town of Saverne for an evangelistic service. Thirty years ago, I came to preach in Saverne. It was under a marquee; I was 19 years old.

As in 1992, I gave yesterday an invitation at the end of the message. About fifteen people came forward for prayer and repentance.

Thank you for bringing to the Lord these souls who, during those two meetings in the north of Alsace, put their trust in God.

Timothée and Yukki Paton

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