Last Friday, Yukki was over at the WEC France office in the small town of Illzach for the ” Get & Go” weekend. She prepared Asian food for the team and for two women getting ready to go out as short termers. Those two days gave Yukki the opportunity to know how the Worldwide Evangelism for Christ comes alongside those going out to the mission field.

As for me, I left for Belgium along with my friend, Evangelist Marc Greiner.

It took us 6 hours to reach the town of Charleroi where Pastor Alexandre and his wife were waiting for us.

Marc gave on Saturday afternoon a training in one-to-one evangelism. The participants learned how to use ‘One Minute Witness’, a great tool to share the Gospel.

In the evening, at the youth meeting and on Sunday morning, I preached God’s Word.

Marc was telling me in the car on the way back: ‘ It was an unforgettable week-end!’

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