Recently, I was preaching in a church for an Evangelistic service.

At the very beginning of the message, I announced (as I often do in the introduction): “In about thirty minutes, at the end of this sermon, I will invite you, if you wish, to come to the front and give your life to Jesus.”

To my surprise, a lady gets up and comes to the front of the platform.

I get down and tell her: “Thank you for coming. But I suggest you listen to the Gospel message first, and from there you can decide if you want to give your life to Jesus.”

When I think back on that scene, I smile and say to myself: This must be every preacher’s dream: to see people come forward before he’s even started preaching!

For the record, this dear lady stood up again, this time at the end of the message…

Timothée & Yukki

PS: This week, in the Vosges mountains, we’ll be having our Annual Conference for all WEC France missionaries. Please pray for times of refreshing for everyone. 

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