It happened during our honeymoon in Central France. Yukki and I were sitting under the sun on a bench at the Public Park in the town of Le Mont-Dore…

I am on the phone with my parents telling them about an old Protestant temple we have seen in town.

An elderly woman interested in our conversation comes close to us. She is dressed in bright colours, with a beautiful smile. She was born in the town of Abbeville (Northern France) on March 21st, 1921, to a Protestant father and a Jewish mother. 

While Yukki and I are amazed to learn she is over a hundred years old (and very fit!) she is touched to hear that I had once been a pastor in Abbeville. 

Every Summer Madame Marcelle comes all the way down to Le Mont Dore where she stays at one of the nice hotels in town.

She has spent much of her life singing in theatres. She reminds me of Edith Piaf, the well-known French singer.

She then starts singing some old songs and dances a little right in front of us, there in the park.

We invite her to join us on the bench where we share our faith in Jesus. 

I suggest to my parents on the phone to sing with me for Mme Marcelle, an old Gospel song. The words in English: ” If You want true happiness, let Jesus into your heart. Your sins He will forgive…”.

20 minutes later, Marcelle decides to let Jesus into her heart. She joins her hands and out loud she confesses her sins and her trust in the work of the Cross.

That same evening we meet Diane, the lady in charge of the Reformed church of Le Mont Dore. The old building is open only 3 weeks a year.

She invites us to share God’s Word two days later. We accept gladly. 

Two days later, Yukki and I think of Marcelle and ask the Lord to help us find her. We spot the old lady sitting alone on a beach reading a book.

Madame Marcelle! How glad we are to find you again. We would love to invite you to join us this evening for a meeting at the Protestant church.”

What a joy to see this 100-year-old grand-mother walk up the steps of the temple that night to sing and to hear a short Gospel message. 

Marcelle, who has over her life sang to numerous audiences, made sure that the little group of us that night sang according to the notes in the hymnbook!

She left the church with a bright face preciously holding in her hand a Gospel of Luke.

Do pray for Mme Marcelle.

No-one is too old to find Christ.

Timothée et Yukki Paton in Sausheim, France.

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