During our 9-day evangelistic mission in La Normandie, it was at the ‘Café Connect’ in Lisieux that we had some of the best conversations.

This Christian coffee shop, opened every day, is a lighthouse in a very needy part of town.

Last Friday, late morning, a tall, well-dressed African looking man walks in. He orders an espresso and sits alone at a small table. He strikes a conversation.

Stanislas tells me he comes from Congo Brazzaville.

I jump in: ‘I know a French Christian family who use to live for many years in the Congo: Pastor Daniel Luban and his wife Marie Laurence and their son Sylvain, now all based in Northern France.’

-‘The Luban Family?’ explains Stanislas. ‘ I knew them well. Sylvain whom we nicknamed ‘The White African’ played football with my nephew Dadjo. We were neighbours in Mtchimbaba, a suburb of Pointe Noire.’

I then tell him: ‘ It is surely God who has led me to meet you today. Please give me your phone number that I will pass on to Pastor Daniel and his family.’

I left Stanislas with a booklet on the life of Jesus.

You can image how delighted were the Lubans when I called them that evening to tell them I had a divine encounter with someone they knew years ago in the Congo.

The ‘C’est Toujours Possible!’ Tour continues this weekend in Sainte Croix, Switzerland and in Pontarlier, France.
Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- February 17th, 2020
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