Following the article I published last year (you can find it at: https://timotheepaton.com/en/affermis-ce-qui-est-pres-de-mourir/ ), a number of Christian friends and church leaders have written in. Feel free to give your thoughts too!

“Hi Timothee,

Great article on evangelism! Keep the passionate message for souls front and Center!

Intentional for souls”

 Tom Elie

President/ Evangelist

Oasis World Ministries

“Our dear Timothée and Yukki,

We went to see John and Beryl yesterday and  Beryl was saying what a blessing it was to read your article about the churches today. and she said they had just been talking about the same thing and were saying how little the Gospel is preached today in churches and the lack of evangelists etc. She said they were very blessed in reading it all and agreed 100% with everything you wrote.”

What a fantastic study of the need in French churches. We read every word together and were SO touched. May it be greatly used as it is a word for today. 

We cried over the final testimony —so like what used to happen—However some younger ones have never heard of these things.”

Matthew and Margaret Paton 

“Dear Timothy

Thanks, you have a good point: evangelistic ministry should never stop!

I have seen that churches got lazy to invite a real good gospel music group, because they were now in Worship….. so no ministry for outsiders….

I stand with you, and keep up the good work.”

Leen La Rivière, Continental Singers 

“Dear Timothee and Yukki,

 Thank you for sending this message with which we entirely agree. It is food for thought and definitely a subject for prayer.”

Pam & Mark Robinson 

“Dear Timothée,

Thanks for sharing from your heart. I so agree with so much of what you share here. Arts Release is all about diversification of music from the richness of people’s heart music styles. I am always saying and also sharing in group song-writing workshops I offer is that we need to create ‘outreach’ music and that worship music is inappropriate for un-believers. There is too much tendency to think worship music will automatically touch people because it’s anointed, often confusing our happy emotions while singing it with the presence of the Holy Spirit.

So, YES, to more ‘gospel’ songs and in more and more of French people’s heart music, not just CCM (contemporary Christian music) genre!

And yes, we need to preach more the simple message of salvation and call lost ones to respond and yes, we need more appropriate ‘services’ or appropriate events we can invite people to. The worship service is for Christians to worship. We need more other events as you mention.

Blessings, and be encouraged in what God has called you to. He has brought together a need in France with your giftings. So praise Him and may he use you and Yukki ever more.”

Tim Fung, WEC France director 

Hi Timothee,

Thanks for this message, I totally agree. I remember before Billy Graham preached, he always had George Beverly Shea sing. He believed it prepared people to hear the gospel which of course it did. True and I saw him at Wembley Stadium back in the 1990’s we were in the choir and were counsellors as well.

I also agree with you about testimonies, whenever I do street evangelism training, I always tell people to get your testimony in that is by far the best way to witness. As regards the gospel meetings, we used to do a cafe church whenever a special occasion allowed. I always gave a short gospel message with an appeal. It was during those meetings we saw most people respond, and we always had a testimony as well. You are seldom here the gospel preached these days and a response given I agree however the HTB churches are still doing this and seeing many come to Christ in the Anglican Church.

Please keep going challenging the church Timothee it is so encouraging to read this.”

Rob and True PARKES, WEC International 

“Many thanks for this Tim.

It’s a very timely reminder & a word for the times we’re living in!”

“Oh Timothy, your email has just rung so many bells as you discuss the state of the church today. 

What is strange is that we seem to be the only ones who see what is happening. Thank you for your insight, may the Lord bless you both as you minister. I pointed out to the pastor of a church ‘if you don’t tell people the bad news, they have no interest in hearing the good news’, which is what you have said.

Bless you for your prophetic insight and concern to awaken the sleeping. Love,”

Jean and Colin 

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