Since the beginning of the year, a new series of ‘evangelistic nuggets’ is being broadcasted on Phare FM radio. Each of these short messages (one minute and 15 seconds) is based on a story, an anecdote. You can find ‘ Ce que j’aimerai vous dire’ on the radio (in France, Switzerland and Belgium) and on the web , Monday to Friday at 11.40am and 6.40pm, Saturday at 3.13pm and Sunday at 2.40pm.

If you would like the written version (in PDF) of these nuggets, please let me know. I will send them to you free of charge.

Please pray for true conversions as a result of these daily gospel messages.

Timothée & Yukki Paton

Each week, read The Weekly Update on

PS: This Sunday at 11am, our church in Mulhouse is organising a Worship Brunch. Yukki will share her testimony and Timothée will give an evangelistic message.


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