Yukki and I have just completed two weeks of the Orientation Course (CO) with WEC at the mission’s Sending Base in Alsace.

We were a small team of 5 candidates who met from morning to evening.

We discussed a number of topics such as “History, Vision and Core Values of WEC”, “Cultures of Shame-Fear-Guilt”, “Conflict Management in a Team”, “People Groups of the World without Access to the Gospel”.

The meals together, the fun night, the BBQ allowed us to get to know the rest of the WEC team better.

KyungNam and KyungAe Park, the new international directors for WEC, visited us. Their short stay did us all a lot of good.

Thank you Miguel and Aurore Cervantes, the sending base directors, Markus and Béatrice Glauser, our training leaders, for giving us such a rich experience.

The next module of the CO is planned for this autumn…

Timothée and Yukki Paton


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