It is with joy that we agreed to go back to the town of Montbéliard to preach at the Mennonite Church.

The Saturday night youth meeting and the morning service were very blessed.

I preached the Gospel as I love to do it now in churches on Sunday, knowing that often in our evangelical meetings there are souls who have still not left the road to hell for a living faith in Christ.

The church in Montbéliard is the largest Mennonite congregation in France. A large building that shines like a lighthouse across the region.

Yukki and I do not know much about the Mennonites. Thanks to their magazine ‘Christ Seul’ which we get every month, we are getting to know more about this evangelical movement based mainly on the East part of France.

Please bring to the Lord the fruits of the weekend spent in Montbéliard.

Timothée and Yukki Paton


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