A few miles away from Mulhouse where I live, is a church where every Sunday afternoon Cambodian brothers and sisters meet.
Last Sunday I drove over to speak at the church, a place I first knew more than 20 years ago before I left France for Cambodia.
Among the 35 members are some older folks who still don’t speak much French. That’s why the meeting is translated into Khmer.

At the end of the meeting, an elderly man came up to the platform to close in prayer. Halfway through his prayer he stopped and cried, remembering how 38 years ago the Lord had spoken to him with a Word similar to the one he had just heard that afternoon. A very moving time.
After the service I went over to the home of Sithoeun, one of the leaders of the church. His wife prepared such a big Cambodian meal!


Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- October 27th, 2020
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