The whole family was out at Parc Asterix, the famous French theme park. But it was at the Chinese church at Nogent (near Paris) that the little Eythan wanted to be.

The parents shorten their stay at the park so they can be at the service that Sunday morning.

Eythan, 7 years old, is not even interested to be at the Sunday school with the other boys and girls. He wants to be at the meeting with the grown-ups and at the very first row.

From the pulpit I share the story of the Wedding at Cana. I insist that we all need to invite, like the young couple at Cana, Jesus into our home. Christ has to walk through the door of our heart.

At the end of the service, Eythan, who is holding his Dad’s hand comes up to me and asks: ” What must I do for Jesus to come into my heart?”

I lower myself to be at the same level as the little boy and have a short talk with him. Then, without me asking, Eythan closes his eyes and folds his hands.

He then asks Jesus to wash him of all his sins and to live forever with him.

I write on a paper: “I gave my heart to Jesus on November 21st, 2021″ which the new disciple signs in big letters.

” I will put this paper in my school bag tomorrow” says with a big smile the little boy “and tell my friend in class that I have given my heart to Jesus”.

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