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It happened during our honeymoon in Central France. Yukki and I were sitting under the sun on a bench at the Public Park in the town of Le Mont-Dore…

I am on the phone with my parents telling them about an old Protestant temple we have seen in town.

An elderly woman interested in our conversation comes close to us. She is dressed in bright colours, with a beautiful smile. She was born in the town of Abbeville (Northern France) on March 21st, 1921, from a Protestant father and a Jewish mother…

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It's on board of a rented Campervan that Yukki and I took the road on July 12th…

After a short stay in La Bourgogne, we drove into the Auvergne in Central France, to discover (for Yukki) and rediscover (for me) one of the most beautiful regions of France.

First in the towns of Vichy and Gannat (the very first church my parents started is still there!), Clermont-Ferrand, then to the outstanding volcanic lakes of Aydat, Chambon and Pavin...

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After two years’ work, writing and proof-reading, my second book ‘C’est Toujours Possible!’ is finally out of the printing press.

I have put down on paper 5 sermons I have given in churches and events overseas (Malaysia, Singapore, Colombia, Finland, England, Switzerland…) these past few years........

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Timothée Paton was born in the volcano region of Central France to
Scottish and English missionary parents. At the age of 4, he gave his life to Jesus.

He was 12 when he preached his first sermon.

In 1999, after serving as a pastor in France, Timothée was stirred by the needs of the children living on the streets and in the slums of Cambodia.
He gave away everything he had and flew out to Phnom Penh.
Over the years, Timothée launched 4 ministries: ‘The Bridge of Hope’, ‘The Bong Paoun Project’, ‘You’ve Got Talent!’ and ‘GospelTALK.’ 

Timothée has travelled on every continent, speaking in universities,
youth rallies, Bible schools, churches and in the media, challenging young and old to take the Gospel to the least, the lost and the last.

His first book ‘ Leave The Shore!’ translated in several languages will take you less than one hour to read but could spare you from wasting the only life you’ve been given.

Each chapter will stir you to move out with your gifts and talents into the deep end of world mission. You won’t think of ever going back to the shore!

Timothée has witnessed thousands of God’s people step into the boat for the greatest adventure of all!
He is currently based in Mulhouse, France.