My vision

What I believe


We speak up for those who don’t have a voice:

the persecuted Church worldwide, the millions of street children, those forced to work as child labourers…
We proclaim the Gospel message, the only hope for our world and we train those called to preach: GospelTALK is a ministry seeking to equip public speakers to captivate their audience.


We want to inspire God’s people to:

Take their nets, gifts and talents, leave the comfort of the shore, step into the boat and head out with Jesus to the deep end of mission...
Live in such a way that the one and only life we’ve been given will not be wasted.

‘If you knew what you were saved from you would die of fear. If you knew what you were saved for, you would die of joy’. Martin Luther.


We want to see:

A fire burn in the hearts of those responding to the Call to serve Christ...
The Holy Spirit come on each disciple as He did on the day of Pentecost transforming us so we can transform the world.



It’s right Biblical theology that should influence Christian song writers. Not the other way round.”


From London to Singapore to Sydney, almost every single church service across the world follows the same pattern: singing in the first half and a sermon in the second half. Very few church leaders dare to break the mould and offer a whole new alternative.”


“Those who keep on saying countries should have no borders would never imagine living or letting their children live in a house without walls.”


Some churches have not mentioned the second coming of Christ for so long that some members of their congregations wouldn’t understand what is happening if the trumpet was heard and Jesus appeared.”


You would be shocked to know how many churches have stored in a back room somewhere boxes and boxes of Gospels or evangelistic tracts left there for years and now covered with dust. It’s like keeping in store precious medicine without anyone concerned to hand them out to sick people outside about to die.”

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Some news about my ministry

When God steps in at the last minute

November, 20 2018
Last Saturday when I arrived in Alsace (Eastern France), I was exhausted from a cold I had been struggling with for days and with severe hea...
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It was a full week-end

November, 15 2018
Last Friday I was over in the town of Macon where I spoke at the Full Gospel church known back in the 90s for experiencing a strong move of ...
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The true faith heroes are in Dijon this week

November, 12 2018
As always, my time in Northern France with Mum and Dad, and with my brother and his family was really good. At ‘ Lumière pour les Nati...
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Saturday 24 November, 2018 - 19H00
Inspiration – Jeunesse
Centre Chrétien Toison d’Or, 20 bd Docteur Veillet, Dijon, FRANCE
Sunday 25 November, 2018 - 10H00
Inspiration Tour
Eglise Protestante, Dijon, FRANCE
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