Unknown Heroes

The ‘Juniper Tree Christian Guest house’ in Chiang Mai, Thailand is an amazing place. Missionaries from all over the world come for a break. This past week I have met some of the most fascinating people. Around the table for breakfast, lunch and dinner I have spoken to Christian workers serving in some of the most remote, spiritually dry and heavy places on Earth. A Korean family reaching out in North Africa (where there could be less than 500 believers in the country they are working in!), a Japanese single lady ministering to needy children in Burma, a young couple from the US ( expecting their first child any day now) bringing the Gospel in Kazakhstan, an American in his sixties ( married to a Chinese-Thai wife) whose grandfather went out in 1921 as a missionary to Tibet or this Amish couple with nine children ( four adopted ones suffer from autism or down syndrome) who, after serving in Morocco are now looking to God for their next field of service…

Any given day, you’ll meet inspiring missionaries right here at the Juniper Tree. They are unknown heroes, making a difference in a needy world.

Timothée Paton

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