Writting from my new base

I am now settled in my new ‘home’ in France at the Mission Centre ‘ La Porte Ouverte’ near Chalon sur Saone. A beautiful spot in the country. My suitcases which have been travelling from one airport to another these past months are happy to be finally resting a bit !

The staff at La Porte Ouverte is very nice and the food is great (can’ t beat French cuisine!)

Unfortunately I arrived at Chalon sick due to much tiredness but mainly caused from a dental treatment I had a month ago when in Bangkok. The treatment was much too intense that my teeth but also my whole body has been in intense pain. In one week alone I’ve seen 3 doctors an one dentist!

Please pray that I will soon recover. I want to be ready for the Tour starting end of July…I will be speaking for the months to come in France, England, Switzerland, Belgium and Finland. I plan to be out on the road every week-end…

I thank God for being based in Chalon: This beautiful place has been for over 60 years a crossroad for Christian events, revival and a number of great moves of the Spirit. Amazing men and women of God have passed through the doors of La Porte Ouverte .

By the way Nicéphore Niépce , the man who invented photography use to live here many years ago…

Timothée Paton

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