He was among the greatest evangelist of all times.

In 60 years of ministry across the globe, Evangelist Reinhard Bonnke has probably preached face to face to more people than anyone in history.

Throughout the last 35 years, Bonnke, who started out as a simple missionary to Lesotho, has led 77 million people to Christ.

Last Saturday he went to be with the Lord.

In 1994 I was studying at the Elim Bible College in Nantwich, England.

Along with a few fellow students, I went to a big gathering where Reinhard was ministering. At the end of his sermon, as he was about to leave the building, I made my way in the crowd. My friends followed. I knew I probably would never have the opportunity to meet Bonnke again. We spotted him at the end of a corridor. A car was waiting for him. We asked to see him. He came over.

” We’ve come from Elim Bible College in Nantwich” I said to Bonnke. (It was that same College that declined Reinhard’s application decades ago. His level of English was insufficient. If only those back, then could see what the young man with a strong German accent would become!).

I will never forget what happened next: Bonnke put his big Bible aside and laid his hands on the 4 or 5 of us. He prayed with such authority.

We drove back to the Bible school that night with a new passion to preach the Gospel. That was 25 years ago. I will never forget.

Tomorrow, I will not be standing in front of masses in Africa but in front of 150 students from a Catholic school in Dunkerque, Northern France.

I will however be preaching the very same Gospel. The Good News that still changes lives, in France, in Africa, in Asia, everywhere.

Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- December 9th, 2019

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