Who would have thought ?

This morning I took a box full of gospel tracts that were dying at the back of a room here at La Porte Ouverte…

In a few minutes I was over at the village of Saint Loup de Varènnes to drop the Good News in several letter boxes.

It’s in this remote place that a certain Mr Nicéphore Niépze lived, back in the 18th century.

I found his house but the door was closed. Who would have thought that the man who invented photography had his laboratory in this very house? It’s here that he designed the first photo in history.

As I took a picture of his house with my smartphone, I realised that I could take a picture because some 250 years ago an unknown gentleman made it all possible.

Just imagine that photography had never been invented? Imagine a world without any photos? There would only be writings bit no pictures…

Who would have thought that a man by the name of Nicéphore Niépze, from an unknown French village in Burgundy would change the world?

God often works this way: He takes unknown people (with sometimes hard to pronounce names) to change the world.

Timothée Paton

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