When performing arts and the Gospel meet

Last Saturday I joined at the International Christian Assembly in Phnom Penh dozens of pastors who had come to be trained for the upcoming evangelistic event in November with Franklin Graham. So good to see so many Christian leaders from the capital city and from the province coming together to be equipped and to pray together.

In the evening, I took part in a concert at Messiah International School where 18 students (mainly Cambodians and Koreans) were playing with classical and Khmer instruments. I don’t think I have ever seen children performed so well before! I was asked to pray for the team as they fly out this week to Korea for a month’s tour.

Sunday afternoon, I took Professor Sophun Ty and his whole ‘Khmer traditional dance’ team to the ‘Cambodian Country Club’ in Phnom Penh. A great time for the children and the youth to swim, play tennis and even ride a horse for the first time in their lives!

That’s the kind of week-end I like!

Timothée Paton

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