When finnish hearts are moved

As you probably know, the people of Finland can be very reserved and usually show very little emotion in public. There are probably more introverts in Finland than in any other country I’ve been to.

But for some reason this changed during the meetings this past week. After each message I gave a call for prayer. Dozens of men and women have come forward, many of them very moved and some crying. When the Spirit of God touches us , He not only touches our mind and our will but also our emotions.

After good meetings in Lutheran Churches in the town of Turku , we drove for several hours towards the Russian border to speak at a church in Kuopio. ( I have probably seen more lakes on that trip than in my entire life!)

The pastor put me up for two nights at an hotel on a boat. What a fantastic view from my cabin in the morning with the sun rising over the lake.

We then headed towards Helsinki where I spoke twice at New Hope Church in Espoo and on Sunday morning at a combined church service held in an auditorium . I almost lost my voice on that final meeting!

Many thanks for your prayers during this 9 day tour. The interview on TV7, the National Christian television will soon be broadcast. Pray it will speak to many people.

The next meetings of the Inspiration Tour are this coming week-end in Besançon , in France.

Timothée Paton

PS: 19 years ago today I landed in Cambodia.

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