When a tuk tuk driver turns to Christ

When I called a car to drive me down from Phnom Penh to Kampot, South of Cambodia, a tuk tuk showed up instead.

I looked at the driver and asked surprised: ‘Do you think this 3-wheel tuk tuk (those wheels are small !!) will take us all the way to Kampot?’

He looked at me with a smile and said: ‘I’ve never driven so far, but let’s try!’

I realised he was the driver I had given a New Testament a few days earlier.

As soon as we left Phnom Penh, he was asking one question after another, about God, Christ, the Bible, faith… One hour later, Chanty (37 years old) asked: ‘Please tell me how I can open my heart to Jesus.’

We reached Kampot where I was to spend 3 days at a Christian Prayer Centre.

I called Chanty when I got back to Phnom Penh and asked him if he wanted to come with me to New Jerusalem Church on Sunday.

He gladly accepted the invitation.

He had never sat in a service before though he had studied English years ago at another church in town.

Reverend Heng Cheng, (head of the Evangelical Church of Cambodia) was the guest speaker.

At the end of the meeting Chanty met up in a side room with the pastor of New Jerusalem.

He comes out with a beaming smile, holding his New Testament and says: ‘I have prayed with the pastor and I have given my life to Jesus’.

He and I went out for lunch and I could already see Christ in his eyes.

Timothée Paton  – Weekly Update


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