‘Hello Timothée! I’m very interested to learn or to get training on your “GospelTALK” myself. I love the fact that you are using illustration with bowl of rice and 10 ingredients representing a basic Gospel, very culturally relevant and creative :). It must have been a very enriching training. I’m always open to learn new ideas for the advancement of God’s kingdom work. May the Holy Spirit empower and illuminate each learner by His Word.’ Robeang

‘GospelTALK sounds like a very relevant training ministry for equipping Christian workers to better communicate the Gospel. God bless you and this ministry, Timothée. Shalom!’ Sylvia

‘Yes Pastor, thank you so much for the last weekend GospelTALK teaching and exposition. It was awesome and unique in all sense. I was going through what we learn last Sunday and find out that I have never heard such lesson or teaching about speaking to a group of people or congregation about Jesus before. It is so creative and amazing. What I learnt from the sessions I attended has really being of great help for me on my public speaking. Amen’ Prince

‘This GospelTALK training was the first time for my kids. At the beginning I wasn’t sure if I could bring them or not because they are still little but when you told me that everyone was welcome to come I was encouraged to not lose the opportunity to let them learn something new.’ Lydia

‘I thank the LORD for the time spent in attending GospelTALK, this training is indeed awesome and captivating! God has used this training for me to be empowered by God’s grace, to be more confident, to be practical and be more passionate to captivate people in hearing the Gospel. It is through GospelTALK that my eyes were opened on the several practical keys on HOW TO share the most beautiful gift- the LOVE of JESUS. And after attending, GospelTALK by God’s grace has helped me to be bolder to speak publicly.’ Jeanne