The other day Pierre-Alain César, lieutenant of the Salvation Army in Mulhouse walked over to my place for a cup of tea.
We prayed, read some Scripture and talked for several hours.
We realised that both of us had grown up, he with the Salvation Army and I with the Assemblies of God with a big emphasis on reaching the lost. We had in the AoG, ‘Evangelistic Meetings’ where outsiders could walk in and hear the truth of the Gospel.
The songs, the testimonies and the message were all geared for those who were still outside the Kingdom.
Over the years those meetings have ceased. We asked ourselves: ‘How can now believers invite their non- Christian friends to church where the plan of Salvation is often never clearly presented?’
I wonder how many people attending our churches have actually never heard a clear presentation of the Gospel message.
Instead of closing those meetings down, why could we not have one meeting every month (with a special speaker and Gospel artist) and the whole church would be mobilised for that one event?


Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- February 23rd, 2021
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