What do pastor Ben David and Sophun Ty have in common ?

Last Sunday I jumped on the back of Sophun’s motorbike and headed for the 8.30 am worship at ‘New Jerusalem Church’ in Phnom Penh.

Pastor Ben David greeted me warmly as I walked into the church building. We chatted in French.

Ben David is not only a pastor, but also a composer.

At the end of the service I asked him: ‘Pastor, how many Christian songs have you written over your lifetime? ‘

‘Oh, I have never sat down to count!’ he replied

Then after a while he added: ‘I guess several hundreds.’

Pastor Ben David was a popular singer back in the 60s before going to Germany to study music. He came back to Cambodia and dedicated his life to writing choruses and hymns in Khmer.

All over Cambodia, churches use Pastor Ben David’s songs for worship.

As for Sophun Ty, he is the head of ‘Khmer Christian Inheritance Arts Ministry’. It’s been a privilege for me to be staying at Sophun and Reaksmey’s house since my arrival in Cambodia a month ago.

What do Sophun Ty and Pastor Ben David have in common?

Both are taking the various Cambodian form of arts to spread the Gospel message.

Instead of importing worship from Australia or America or elsewhere, they are redeeming local Khmer music and dancing for the glory of God.

These two men of God deserve all our support as they seek to expend the Good News throughout Cambodia.

I look forward to speaking at New Jerusalem Church on April 28th.

Timothée Paton

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