Challenging You to Go & Change the World

Finally I am now on my feet again after what I think were the worst months of my life.
I have gained the weight I had lost; strength is finally back and the pain in the hands is almost gone.
The trauma of being locked into a cold room is now over. Since the accident back in early January I went to see 13 different doctors!
When I flew out to Cambodia in February, I had no idea that 3 months later I would be back in France with a lot of pain in my body.
My parents, my brother and his wife, my nephews and my niece have been fantastic.
Without God’s intervention, I really do not know in what state of health I would be today. Many of you have prayed for me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
A pastor friend called me this morning asking how I saw my future now that I am doing better.
I told him: ” For the months to come, I will be, God willing, on the road speaking at different churches and events to inspire people to ‘go and make a difference in the world’ “.
The preaching schedule is now slowly filling up.
I have named this upcoming tour ‘ C’est Toujours Possible!’ (It’s still possible!’) which is the title of my new book in French, to be released in October.
The book has a similar format to the first one: each chapter is based on a sermon I have given. Through this new book I want to challenge the reader not to let his past, his failures and fears keep him from running into his destiny.
Hopefully it will eventually be translated into English and other languages.
This afternoon, a couple living in the South of France phoned me up to say: “Timothée, we have a Peugeot 308 car that we don’t need, and we felt we should give it to you!”
Wow! This gift could have not come at a better time! The Lord has now provided a means of transport for the upcoming meetings in France.
In towns like Dunkerque, Lille or La Rochelle, I am looking forward to sharing my faith and my passion for mission. I want to see young and old respond to the Call to serve God.
French readers will soon be able to get a copy of ‘ C’est toujours possible!’ on the House publisher’s website:
Please pray for protection as I travel across France. Pray for much freedom as I speak.

If some of you have not yet read ‘Leave the Shore!’, my first book (yes, this one is in English!), I would be happy to send it to you. Get several copies and give them out. ‘Leave the Shore!’ has now been translated into several languages and has been stirring Christians from different parts of the world to move out into mission.

Genda from Myanmar wrote this after reading the book:
” Pastor Tim, I bought your book ‘Leave the Shore!’ and now I’m in Yangon fulfilling God’s assignment. God is good!!!”

Sofia in Venezuela writes:
” I did not want to let my co-worker see I was crying after reading your book. This book is short but deep! Excellent! 24 of our students presented a summary on your book. We will finish this basic mission training with a trip to the Waraos tribe in the Venezuelan Amazon.”

Korky in the UK had this to say:
“A great motivating book that relates the great commission to everyone. We have been buying and circulating English copies since the book came out a couple of years ago. It’s a winner! Used it as the theme for our recent 24/7 prayer week at our local Parish church, St. Mary Magdalene, with a boat and net theme to the prayer chapel space. God bless all who buy it and read it, and may it motivate many into action.”

Mark in Cambodia wrote in:
“Your book, which I read in one sitting, reinforced to me that we might have difficulties and face tremendous opposition when we step out into the boat and push away from the shore, but with Jesus in the boat, we will always reach a good and proper destination. Thank you for writing your book. It has encouraged me in a difficult time. It has challenged me not to return to the United States and get comfortable again.”

From Vietnam, Lucy wrote:
“Thank you so very much for sharing your book ‘ Leave The Shore! ‘. I couldn’t hold back my tears as I was reading the second chapter… While reading this precious book, I was tearful throughout! I don’t understand why?!! It’s giving me to be stronger and firmer in what I am doing (serving HIM) and live for others. I pray that this book be a blessing and a BIG challenger for those planning to be servants.”

Linda in Switzerland sent this email:
“Hello Timothée, I have to say that I read your book and it just continues to fill me with a desire to live out my “one and only life” for the Lord. I loved what you said in the book: ‘The day I left the Shore, I could not imagine the joy waiting for me in the middle of the lake’. This speaks to me profoundly, so much so I can’t even write about it! Anyway, I am running after that Joy…”

From Linda in the Middle East who got a copy in Arabic:
” I read ‘ Leave the Shore! ‘ I actually had this book for a long time but just read it yesterday because my Mum found it. I might be going to Tunisia on a missionary trip for 10 days.”

This mail came from England:
” I wanted to say thank you very much for the book. It arrived on Tuesday and I was really intrigued, wondered who it was from – silly me. I dropped it on the floor as I had just come back and it stayed there while I went out to a small group and got back at 10.00pm. When I opened it, I just couldn’t put it down! I just stood in the hall and read it straight through. Isn’t it good, I wonder what God has got next, but I am on the lookout…”?
From Isabela who read the Portuguese version of the book:
” I’m a Brazilian girl, just 19 years old. I’ve been reading “Leave the shore!’. It was amazing! I’m so excited now. It has answered my questions about the missionary’s vocation.”

Sarah in Malaysia sent this in:
” I bought the book at the Youth Camp. While travelling down to my hometown I started reading Chapter 1 when it felt like God was directly asking me: ‘ Sarah, have you left the shore?’ At the end of chapter 2 I was trying to hold back my tears. Then at chapter 3 unconsciously there were tears in my eyes and by chapter 4 I was thinking of one thing: I want to serve the Lord, go out to the mission field. After my 4 hours journey, I exchanged to another bus. That gave me the time to read chapter 5 where at the end there’s a short prayer. I tried my best to read the prayer till the end, but I could not. I started to cry, cry & cry (Thank God no one was sitting beside me)!”

And finally this one from Hagop in Jordan: ”
“Dear Timothee, your book was distributed to most of the pastors and leaders in Jordan, and to pastors in Lebanon, Syria and Egypt at a conference. We also gave it away to some Catholic priests and nuns.”

Let me know how many copies you need! (£ 5 per copy) Postage is free!
You can make a transfer into my NatWest bank account in England:

You can send a British cheque, payable to Mr. Timothée Paton and post it to: Timothée Paton, Apt 206,
2 C Quai de Cherbourg / 59200 TOURCOING – FRANCE

You can also pay through PayPal: PayPal.Me/TimotheePaton .

God bless you and anoint you as your cast your nets in the deep end!

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