A prison and a Church

On Saturday morning Mr. Pou Roath the gardener and I took off on motorbike from Kep for an hour’s ride to Kampot Prison. His son, age 22 is in for drugs.

As we arrived the sun was already beating hard.  I was surprised to see some prisoners working outside in front of the large building. These men have usually been in for years and on their last couple of jail time they are allowed to be working in the gardens and the fields. Pou Roath tells me that there are constantly new prisoners coming in but almost none coming out. The prison is already full: well over 700 prisoners. Twice a week the detainees can attend a Christian service and hear God’s Word. It amazes me how the Gospel has reached some many remote places in Cambodia.

On Sunday morning the gardener and I took off again on our motorbike, under the rain this time for the service at the Elim Pentecostal church, a new Christian fellowship in Kep. There were 30 of us. The young pastor asked me to share the Word. To my surprise five people stood up at their end of the short message, came to the middle of the small congregation and surrendered their lives to God. One of them, a young man in his 20s who had resisted the Gospel for 3 years and who happened to be in church for the first time.

God is at work, whether it’s in an overcrowded prison in Kampot or at a little church in Kep.

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