My parents and I took a week’s break over the Channel to the South of England.

We first enjoyed 4 days in Dover staying at a fantastic Bed & Breakfast. By the time we left, the owners of the Guest House became our new friends.

The first highlight was for Dad to take us up the white cliffs of Dover to the famous castle overlooking the sea. This is where he was stationed for several months when he was only 21 years old as a soldier in the British Army. Who would have thought he would be back visiting the castle, the old church and what used to be the military barracks … 60 years later!

The next 3 days we enjoyed the sandy beaches in Folkestone.

The second highlight came on Sunday. We decided to walk to an Anglican church in town. My mother took the big Gedeon Bible she found in the draw in the hotel room. As the 3 of us left the hotel, my Mum said: ‘ I want people to see me holding the Bible as we go to church!’.

Well, we never found the Anglican church but spotted a Baptist one where a meeting was to start in an hour’s time. My Dad and I went walking around the area and my Mum stayed on a bench. When we came back, my mother was sitting talking to a woman who she had just shared the Gospel with and led to Christ! The conversation on the bench started when this woman by the name of Ceri spotted the Bible my Mum had in her hands. She asked if she could join us for the service at the Baptist church. At the end of the meeting, my mother introduced her to the pastor and other members of the small congregation. They made her feel very welcomed and took her out for a picnic at a nearby park. A lost sheep has finally found her way to the Shepherd and to her new family.

We arrived back to our home in Northern France on Monday evening thankful to God for such a great week, blessed under a hot English sun…


Timothée Paton – The Weekly Update- August 28th, 2019

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