The true faith heroes are in Dijon this week

As always, my time in Northern France with Mum and Dad, and with my brother and his family was really good.

At ‘ Lumière pour les Nations’ church in Roubaix, what a joy to see Christians from a Muslim background worshiping Jesus and Muslims not yet saved staying all through the service.

Yesterday Sara, ( my co-worker in the AME mission) dropped me in Dijon ( yes that’s where the famous Dijon mustard comes from!) for the ‘National Baptist Pastors’ Convention’. I caught up with a number of pastor friends, some I had not seen for years. Those men and women have been faithful in their calling in spite of many challenges and obstacles.

I started my sermon this morning by saying: ‘I am so honoured to be among you today. Many of you are planting churches in some remote and taught parts of France. You are the true heroes!’

A Brazilian pastor serving near Paris told me this: ‘ I was a missionary in Somalia before coming to France. It was easier to serve God in Somalia that it is in France.’

Ministering in France can be so hard. Do pray for all of those who faithfully proclaim Christ among the French people.

The ‘ Inspiration Tour’ continues this week in the town of Macon.

Timothée Paton

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