The second book

For the months to come, while in France , my time will be split in two : every week-end I will out on the road preaching (‘Inspiration’ Tour) and in the week at my desk at the Mission Centre ‘ La Porte Ouverte’ in Chalon working on my second book.

Since I am writing the book in French it  helps being back in France to write it. ( When in Asia where I heard little French I found it hard to write much).

Thankfully I will have friends whose written French is better than mine and will check the manuscript.

I have already worked on 4 chapters and I want to add 5 more. This new book , like ‘Leave The Shore!’ will be a compilation of 9 sermons preached in various meetings in different parts of the world these past few years.

Please pray that the Lord would give me inspiration, the right stories and illustrations so that the book truly becomes a powerful tool to inspire and encourage.

Timothée Paton

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