The flame is growing

When in 2013 I handed over ‘The Bong Paoun Project’, I had no idea how it would expand and each out to even more street children.

I gave the relay baton of the ministry to Sue Hanna (Kiwi missionary friend serving in Cambodia) who has developed the project (now called ‘Flame’) to a whole new level.

Last week, Nicola, one of the 32 full time staff at Flame took me on her motorbike and brought me to the various places in town where Flame is ministering.  I was so encouraged to see how the work has grown these past years and how hundreds of ‘Paouns’ (little brothers and sisters) are finding new life.

Flame’s goal is to ‘reach more families, go to more slums and inspire more future leaders.’

Check their website:

Do pray that the flame of the Holy Spirit would keep on burning bright in each Flame location across Phnom Penh.

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