I had heard about the place for many years. Even in Cambodia, Christians would meet for ‘ Taizé style Prayer and Worship’. When I realised that the little village of Taizé was only 30 minutes’ drive from where I now live, I headed off to check it out. Taizé, a Christian Community has been for decades attracting believers from all over the world. Since it was the only free Sunday I have this year I joined the service there, yesterday.

Seeing hundreds and hundreds of young people pouring into the main building gave me hope that in France the light of Christianity is still burning.

Among the many participants I spotted a Cambodian girl!

This week, August 23 and 24th , we will be having our annual ‘Forum Mission’ here at La Porte Ouverte near Chalon . Several Christian missions serving in the Francophone world will meet to share, pray and encourage those who are still seeking their place in world mission.

Wednesday evening I will lead the meeting I’ve entitled : ‘ No one would have bet on them’ where I will be interviewing missionaries who , when they started off years ago, might have not been the ones people thought they would do anything worthwhile for God.

Sunday morning my parents and I will head to Dunkerque, (check out the movie ‘ Dunkirk’) where I will be speaking in the morning and teaching in the afternoon the first GospelTALK session. ( with the other two sessions on Monday).

Please continue to pray for God’s blessing upon the INSPIRATION Tour.

Timothée Paton

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