Preaching in Malaysia

I got into Malaysia last week just in time for the Chinese New Year and was able to experience first-hand 3 days celebration at Pastor Peggie How’s family . There were 28 of us, all of them speaking Chinese, expect me.

The meetings I spoke at were held in Kulai and in the coastal town of Pontian, both Presbyterian churches. Though the congregations were quiet and reserved , people were eager to get ‘ Leave the Shore’ , lining up after the service to buy one or more copies of the book.

One of those responding to the Call at Kulai church was a little girl who gave her heart to Jesus!

When I arrived in front of Pontian Church on Sunday night, a big Indian looking man greeting me by saying: ‘ Thank you for coming back to our church Pastor Tim!’. I had forgotten that 18 years I had spoken in that very same church!

Timothée Paton 

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