Newsletter April 2018

I have just returned from the French island of Réunion in the Indian Ocean where I had been invited to speak at the 29th ‘Lumière de Pâques’ (Light of Easter) organized by the Assemblies of God of La Réunion. What an honour to preach the Gospel two evenings at the ‘Stade de l’Est’ stadium!

Various music groups, dancers and choirs, often singing in the local Créole dialect, performed at the event. On both afternoons I also gave a ‘GospelTALK- Captivate Your audience’ training. Almost 400 people from various churches on the island joined the seminar to be better equipped for public speaking.
Sunday morning two pastors drove me to the other side of the island to speak at their church. One thousand Christians packed the building: a great service with 9 baptisms.
During those 3 days I shared my testimony and answered a few interviews on radio, internet and television. Monday morning some local authorities came to the stadium for the final meeting including a lady who had been a minister in the previous French government. Each one got a copy of ‘Quittez la Plage!’ (‘Leave the Shore!’). All 500 copies of the book were sold.

Any idea what is going on in this picture? The 5 first ones to guess right will receive by post a small gift ‘Made in Cambodia’.

Never would I have thought how many encouraging emails I would get from writing my testimony ‘I’ve suffered 30 years with OCD’. Hundreds of messages from all over have landed in my inbox. Sharing my struggles has encouraged others to open up. A number of those who have written are also in full time ministry. I believe that the more they share about their battle with depression, bipolar disorder, phobias, and irrational fears, the more freedom they will experience. Feel free to share the article with others who are going through similar challenges in their lives:

The ‘Mission Tour’ goes ahead in France this summer & autumn with also meetings in Switzerland, Belgium, England and Finland. I pray that these gatherings in Europe will stir many to move out with their gifts and talents into mission.
The dates will come up on under Infos / Schedule and on my Facebook page.
A big thank you for your much needed prayer support as I travel and preach.

Timothée Paton

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